Woodland Park Dental Sedation Dentistry Services

Some people suffer major anxiety about going to the dentist. In these cases, dental sedation treatment from Woodland Park Dental is the best way to make sure patients feel safe, secure and relaxed. Feeling anxious is normal, but you shouldn’t risk your oral health by evading the dentist for too long. Woodland Park Dental has several options for sedation dentistry. We use the most effective, most modern treatments and least invasive dental sedatives on the market to ensure that our patients feel at ease.

sedation dentistry in Syracuse

What is Sedation Dentistry?

In general, sedation is completely safe for both children and adults to experience. Sedation dentistry is a method used by dentists to relax nervous clients during procedures. Everyone experiences dental anxiety differently, but those with severe anxiety may need treatment even for cleanings. That’s why we use these drugs to reduce your anxiety, rather than causing you to fall asleep the way general anesthesia does. Our sedation dentist has various drugs available to help you rest easy and recover with a healthy smile. Some of our common sedatives include:

Oral Sedatives

Similar to muscle relaxers, oral sedatives need an hour to start working. Before your appointment, simply take the prescribed medication. By the time you arrive at Woodland Park Dental’s office, you’ll feel sleepy and ready for the dentist’s chair. Because of these sleepy side effects, be sure to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your dentist visit.

Nitrous Oxide

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide helps patients feel at ease while also dulling any pain. It is applied through a mask that allows you to breathe the gas. Nitrous oxide produces a light floating feeling that leaves you numb to any procedure you undergo.

Intravenous Sedation

This relaxer is the most useful and fastest-acting choice we offer. Our sedation dentists can observe the amount of sedative given to a patient through an IV. If the dentist scares you more than needles and you need to undertake a long or intensive procedure, this is the best route.

No matter which sedation treatment you choose, each will come with side effects. The sleepiness and relaxation from these dental sedatives can make operating vehicles or perform other tasks risky. Always bring someone to drive you home safely after visiting the sedation dentist. Consult your dentist before returning to work or performing other tasks to safeguard your safety and safe arrival home.

Talk to Us about Sedation Dentistry

The staff at Woodland Park Dental would be more than happy to assuage your anxiety by telling you about our existing dental sedation treatments. We appreciatively serve Syracuse and the greater Layton, UT area. For inquiries about cost, process, dangers or consequences of sedation dentistry, call Woodland Park Dental at 801-336-4562.