Dental Implants in Syracuse

Missing or losing a tooth can make you feel much older than you truly are. Thanks to dental implants from Woodland Park Dental, you’ll never feel anxious over missing teeth again. Dental implants are one of the most competent selections to replace a missing tooth or teeth. They are fashioned of two parts, the alloy post anchored to the jawbone, which supplants the tooth’s root, and the restoration, which replaces the tooth itself. A dental restoration (porcelain crowns, dental bridge, partial denture, etc.) is secured to the top of the tooth implant, improving your existing smile and giving you the functionality and balance you need to chew, laugh and smile easily.

Dental Implant Technology

Dental implants have been utilized for more than 20 years to anyone who has lost their natural teeth. Implant technology is so advanced now that a favorable outcome is almost always assured, especially under the skilled hand of Dr. Hearne. It is the safest, easiest and least painful way to replace a missing tooth or a tooth you can no longer restore. If accordingly taken care of, implants can last a lifetime. They can be the best purchase you will ever make. Talk to us about the gains of dental implants and exciting advances in implant technology.

If you are based in Syracuse, Utah and want to enhance your smile, consider dental implants from Woodland Park Dental.

Benefits of Implant Dentistry

If you have missing teeth it can be embarrassing. It affects the way you eat and interferes with your natural smile. Neighboring teeth may drift; bone loss can happen at the source of the missing tooth and you may be confined to select foods. Implant dentistry from Woodland Park Dental can restore your dental health by allowing you to eat regularly, smile proudly and brush and floss routinely, just as you would with real teeth.

Dental Implants Procedure

The titanium alloy implant, which operates as the new tooth’s root, is set into the space left by your natural tooth root. After the jaw and gums have repaired and established, a tailor-made dental crown is then placed on the implant. Once finished, you’re ready to eat, drink and show off your smile. If you feel apprehensive about this treatment, learn more about the dental sedation choices we offer to Syracuse, Utah and the surrounding area.

Dental implants take the time to complete. The implant fastening must cement to the bone before the replacement tooth can be attached to it. Every person and treatment are different, so recovery time varies between a few weeks to a few months or longer.

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Are you ready to replace your missing teeth and feel confident again? A natural looking implant will replace your absent tooth and give you a dazzling smile. Dental implants can be a lifelong solution to missing, decayed, corroded or cracked teeth. Your jaw and entire mouth can benefit from implants as well. Find out today if dental implants are the most effective solution for you. Schedule a visit to our Layton office, located just minutes from Syracuse.