Dental Technology Layton Woodland Park Dental uses the best dental technology available to provide comfort and quality dental work to our patients. Some of the dental technology we use includes:
Digital X-rays

Being able to see our patient’s dental problems including cavities, tooth decay and root problems is essential to fix the problems and prevent further damage. Digital X-rays allow us to clearly see the teeth and store the images electronically as well as physically for many years. We can monitor small problems over long periods of time and view the extent of decay clearly. Digital X-rays are not harmful to our patients and cause no pain. These X-rays are taken prior to any work being done. We can also send these digital X-rays to other dentist offices when necessary.
Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, helps our patients feel calms and relaxed while receiving dental work. When administered by our qualified dentist and staff members, this gas is not harmful to the patient and is safely used for both children and adults. Although the use of Nitrous Oxide is not required, it is highly recommended for children and adults who become anxious at the dentist.
Intraoral Cameras
Intraoral cameras allow us to get a good look at your teeth and help you see problem areas in your mouth. These tiny cameras are not painful and fit comfortably in your mouth to help the dentist with your diagnosis. These cameras make it easier for the dentist to see problem areas and teach each patient how to better care for their teeth by paying special attention to these areas.
Laser Dentistry
Dental lasers are often used in place of traditional surgical tools. The use of dental lasers reduces the amount of swelling, discomfort and anesthesia needed for dental work. Many patients feel comforted by the use of dental lasers because they do not make drilling and whirring noises. The only noise you will hear during laser dental work is the sound of air suction used to keep the area cool. For questions about the dental technology we use or to schedule an appointment in Layton, Call Woodland Park Dental +1 (801) 336-4562

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