Do You Need a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Utah Tooth Extraction. Tooth removal & repair To determine if you require a tooth extraction procedure, you will have to visit Woodland Park Dental. Our dentists will examine the condition of your teeth, looking for the following signs indicating you need to a tooth extraction procedure:
  • Your tooth is beyond saving due to advanced periodontal disease or a fracture
  • You have an infection and a root canal procedure cannot save your tooth
  • You have teeth that are obstructing the path from other teeth to come in
  • You require braces and in order to place them, the dentist needs to eliminate a tooth crowding others
  • Your wisdom teeth just came in and if they are decayed, infected, cause pain, or are impacted, the dentist will need to perform a tooth extraction procedure
  • Your dentist may need to remove a tooth in order to perform an orthodontic treatment

Understanding the Tooth Extraction Procedure

When you visit our dental clinic to consult with one of our dentists, they will examine your mouth to determine whether you need a tooth extraction procedure performed. If you do, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb your jaw, gums, and bones that surround the extraction site. You will feel pressure, but no pain during the tooth extraction procedure, as the dentist has numbed your nerves. The pressure results from the dentist moving your tooth back and forth to expand the socket and remove it.

Sectioning Your Tooth

Sectioning a tooth is another dental procedure dentists perform when the tooth is firmly secured in its socket or the root is curved, thus preventing the dentist from widening the socket to remove the tooth. In order to remove the tooth, the dentist will make small cuts to divide the tooth into several sections to remove it in pieces from the socket.

The Aftermath of a Tooth Extraction Process

The dentist will provide you with a gauze pad to bite on for half an hour or more to cease the bleeding and start the healing process. If you the bleeding does not cease, place another gauze pad on the spot to bite down for another thirty minutes. Once the blood clot forms on the extraction site, you should not disturb the blood clot and cause it to dislodge. Do not do the following things for the next 72 hours:
  • Don’t rinse vigorously
  • Don’t drink from straws
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Don’t brush teeth near the extraction site
If you feel pain, you can place an ice pack to reduce the swelling. The swelling will only last for 48 hours. If the dentist has prescribed pain meds, take them as directed. Remember to drink several glasses of fluids and eat soft food. If you feel severe pain, heavy bleeding, or continuous swelling, you need to visit Woodland Park Dental immediately. Contact us at +1 (801) 336-4562 for an appointment if you live in Davis County, South Weber, Fruit Heights, Kaysville, and Layton, UT.

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