Beautify your smile inside and out with white fillings.

Tooth Fillings in Layton, UT

When cavities strike, the tooth filling experts at Woodland Park Dental give you the best treatment options.

We also serve Davis County and South Weber, Utah with general dentistry and replacements for old fillings. Traditionally, dentists have used amalgam and mercury to fill cavities. While amalgam fillings are still available and safe, mercury fillings have caused health problems for adult patients that have them. The friendly staff at Woodland Park Dental can safely remove and replace existing mercury and amalgam fillings with new, tooth colored fillings..

White Cavity Fillings

Thankfully there’s a safe, effective alternative to old mercury fillings. Also called composite fillings, white fillings are a mixture of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixed to restore decaying teeth. Composite fillings aren’t limited to cavities either. They can be used to treat chipped or discolored teeth as well. Unlike traditional metal fillings, our dentist hardens each layer of composite with a specialized light. From there, the composite can be polished and is stain resistant to add to the beauty of your smile.

These white fillings blend with your teeth and support the remaining structure while strengthening your tooth. Additionally, they’re indistinguishable from your natural tooth. If you’re willing to undergo some post-op sensitivity, white cavity fillings may be a good option for you and your family.

Woodland Park Dental is located in Layton, Utah, but conveniently located for patients in Davis County, South Weber, Kaysville, Fruit Heights, Syracuse and Clearfield. For tooth colored fillings or general dentistry, call our friendly staff at +1 (801) 336-4562 to book an appointment.

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