High Dental Standards

Dental Education Layton Woodland Park Dental uses the highest dental standards to create comfort for our patients while providing the best quality of dental work. These high standards include:

Education & Prevention

Educating our patients about proper dental care is an important part of preventing future damage, disease and decay. We provide both general oral health care information as well as information specific to each patient. If there are areas of improvement needed in the daily care of a patient’s teeth, we discuss this with the patient during his or her appointment. We strongly encourage brushing and flossing teeth daily to prevent decay and disease. As a preventative measure, we check every patient’s gums, tongue and enamel during each. We also provide preventative dental care such as fluoride, teeth cleaning and sealants to avoid decay and diseases of the gums and teeth. These services help us check each patient for oral cancer, disease and potential problem areas which we can discuss with the patient.

Uncompromising Safety

During every service and every step of the process, we assure the patient’s safety by adhering strictly to Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) standards. These standards help us to prevent injury and the spreading of illness to our patients. Woodland Park Dental can assure each patient the highest safety, health and dental standards during each and every visit.

Training & Expertise

Our dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants are all expertly trained. In addition to maintaining training and safety standards, our staff is passionate about dental care and the oral health of each patient. Our team is on your side to get you the best dental care and education for at-home care and cleaning.

A Positive Experience

Every patient at Woodland Park Dental in Layton, UT is unique. We customize each treatment plan and experience for our patients. Whether the patient has allergies, anxiety or special oral health requirements, we accommodate for every need. The comfort of our patients is top priority and essential to creating a positive experience. If you have any special requirements or if you are feeling anxious about your visit, one of our team member is available to assist you and assure every need is met. For questions about our quality care and safety standards or to make an appointment for dental work in Layton, UT call Woodland Park Dental +1 (801) 336-4562

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