Premier Dental Whitening near Clinton

A white, dazzling smile can significantly help your self-confidence. When you come into Woodland Park Dental, you can improve your appearance with certified teeth whitening treatments. A professional teeth whitening takes as little as half an hour in our office near Clinton. After just one whitening treatment, you can normally expect to see teeth that are between two and eight shades whiter.

How long will it last?

Effects of teeth whitening treatments differ between patients. However, we guarantee that our qualified dental team will provide you with more than satisfactory results. After just one treatment, your teeth may remain white and bright for up to one year, sometimes much longer. In other cases, patients see results that last forever.

We offer Opalescence, Zoom and laser treatments for our patients. We’ll tailor the trays to your teeth if you choose to use them. Then, we’ll send you home with efficient gel and application guidelines. Certified whitening may seem costly upfront, but the cost of purchasing various, often unsuccessful, over-the-counter trays significantly overshadows the cost of professional treatment. If you use our professional teeth whitening trays, you can expect better and more permanent results than if you choose in-office whitening only.

What is follow-up care for teeth whitening?

Your diet, tobacco use and how you care for your smile will also affect how long your professional teeth whitening treatment lasts. If you drink coffee regularly, for example, your teeth will darken rather quickly. Still, you can try using a straw for dark fluids to alleviate this effect. We also recommend avoiding soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, dark tea, red sauce, cola and red wine. This is particularly imperative in the first few weeks after your teeth whitening treatment. It’s also critical to brush and floss at least twice daily. Be certain to ask our teeth whitening team in the Clinton office any specific questions you have about your follow-up procedure.

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