Immaculate Teeth Whitening near Kaysville

The teeth whitening procedures from Woodland Park Dental are guaranteed to improve your smile and enhance your overall look. When you make a teeth whitening appointment with Woodland Park Dental, we guarantee you’ll leave feeling more confident in your smile. Our teeth whitening procedures at Woodland Park Dental take less than 30 minutes, so even if you’re short on time we can enhance your smile. We start by using a rubber dam that guards your gums and then applies a focused solution of hydrogen peroxide directly to the teeth. We then use a handheld light to trigger the bleaching solution to begin the professional teeth whitening process. You can expect your teeth to be between two and eight shades lighter in just one laser treatment.

Do in-office teeth whitening treatments last for a long time?

In some cases, it takes simply one treatment to leave your teeth permanently white and beautiful. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening trays developed in our Kaysville office can supplement your treatment. If you decide to use these trays, we will custom-fit them to your teeth during your visit. Professional whitening may seem expensive upfront, but the cost of buying various, often unsuccessful, over-the-counter trays significantly overshadows the cost of professional treatment. If you use our professional teeth whitening trays, you can expect better and more permanent results than if you choose in-office whitening only.

What is follow-up care for teeth whitening?

Your diet, whether you smoke and how you care for your smile will also affect how long your professional teeth whitening treatment with last. If you drink coffee often, for example, your teeth will darken rather quickly. Nevertheless, you can try using a straw for dark fluids to mitigate this effect. We also recommend avoiding soy sauce, mustard, ketchup, dark tea, red sauce, cola and red wine. It is also crucial to floss at least twice daily. Be certain to talk to our teeth whitening team about any definite questions you have about your follow-up treatment.

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Professional teeth bleaching from our Layton dental clinic can last many years and works quickly. Ask us about Opalescence tooth whitening system, Zoom or laser tooth whitening treatments. Call us for an appointment with Woodland Park Dental today.