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Each month we’ll be posting a new, short article covering a range of different topics that will hopefully be helpful or at least of some interest to you. I’d like to start with one of my favorites…painless!

I hear it almost daily from our new patients. “No offense doc, but I hate dentists!” After a brief discussion it becomes apparent why. A history of horror stories of painful experiences at the dentist that has left them reeling in the dental chair before I’ve even looked in their mouth. I would hate going to the dentist too! But what I also hear daily are things like: “Was that the shot? I didn’t feel a thing!” “That’s weird. I’m still waiting for the shot but my lip is going numb!” and “Wow! You don’t use a needle anymore?” Even though I’ve heard these comments, and others like them hundreds of times I never get tired of hearing it because to me, it’s a huge compliment! I absolutely Love it!

Now you may ask: “How is this possible?” It all started in dental school after assisting for one of my instructors. After that day I said to myself: “There HAS to be a better way!” After years of studying, CE courses from the best, and investing in the right materials and equipment, the dream became a reality. Not only has this made our patient’s experience so much better and helped change their perception, it’s made doing dentistry so much more satisfying for me!

So, if you’re looking for a new dentist or just tired of the old fashioned dental experience, do us both a favor and come give us a try. Like thousands of others, you’ll be glad you did!

Caesar R Hearne DDS FAGD

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