What to Expect on Your First Visit

Dentist Visit Layton During your first visit to Woodland Park Dental in Layton, UT there are several steps and information we gather from you. A map and directions to our office are located here (link to map & directions)
  1. We collect insurance, basic billing and personal information about each patient.
  2. We review your dental and medical history prior to examination to get a better understanding of your whole health.
  3. Our hygiene team will clean your teeth and perform a periodontal examination.
  4. If evidence of periodontal or gum disease is found during your exam, our hygiene team with gather more information to complete a treatment plan.
  5. Examination of teeth, gums and supporting tissues
  6. Oral Cancer Screening
  7. X-rays may be taken to determine a diagnosis of decay
  8. Bite analysis
  9. After performing the exams and reviewing the information gathered, we will discuss any needed treatment, at-home oral health care and how to prevent future decay and disease.
Although some visits may require more time and planning by our dentist and hygiene team, the first visit is generally simple and easy for the patient. For questions about your first visit or to schedule an appointment, call Woodland Park Dental +1 (801) 336-4562

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